Control Tyres

The Motorsport UK Drift Pro Championship has teamed-up with Anglo American Oil Company [AAOC], UK distributors for Zestino tyres, this new technical partnership seeing all competing cars use the same make and model and compound of tyre throughout the competition.

A control tyre regulation provides many positives for the teams, drivers and the Championship. It guarantees technicial support, conistancy of supply, on-event servicing, preferential pricing and generates fairness and increased competition by creating a level playing field.

Brand ~ Zestino
Model ~ Acrova 07A
Supplier ~ Anglo American Oil Company

The Zestino Acrova 07A is a road legal semi-slick tyre, designed specifically for Drifting, offering a combination of excellent grip and durability. Compared to other non-Drift specific track tyres on the market, the Acrova has a deeper tread which, when combined with its unique compound, allows drivers to benefit from extended running time. The Zestino is already the choice of many Drift teams in the UK – a factor that makes it an outstanding choice for the Championship.

The use of a control tyre creates a natural and transparent environment for close competition. The removal of choice stops the use of expensive tyres by those who are able to afford them and thereby reduces costs for everyone. Each tyre will be supplied at an otherwise unavailable price exclusive to Championship competitors. The Acrova’s unique compound and performance characteristics means that the incidence of mechanical drivetrain failure caused by running even softer tyres – which also pushes up costs and masks the true ability of the driver – is greatly reduced.

The Championship is setting out on a journey that will focus on increased speeds and consequently driver skills, rather than slow, high-smoke runs – a criteria that will be covered in more detail in our judging criteria. The Zestino Acrova 07A has been specifically chosen to accomodate this shift in sporting code.

All teams will be offered the same preferential Championship-sponsored price which noteably, is an even better deal than Anglo American Oil Company has ever offered to an individual team or driver before. In other words, teams cannot by them any cheaper wherever they go. Any team that currently buys Zestino from AAOC as a sponsored driver will be eligible for the new control tyre pricing.

AAOC will provide a full support service, providing a truck and technical/fitting team at each round. By pre-ordering, tyres can by transported to each event, fitted removed and disposed of responsibly (for a small fee). The company will also run an in-house tyre prize pool for drivers that wish to be part of a larger promotional and marketing effort.

Any team that has an existing sponsorship deal with another manufacture will still be permitted to carry the branding on thier car. However, Zestino tyres must be used during competition to meet the Championship regulations.

For the 2021 season, it is compulsary for teams to run the controlled Zestino tyre on the rear of their cars. However, another brand may be used on the front, although the Championship recommends the use of Zestino tyres supplied by AAOC as a policy of ‘best practice’. It not only endorses the relationship, but enables competitors to utilise the on-event service provision for all four of their tyres.

Sizes available in the Zestino Acrover 07A Drift-specific compound are:

AAOC will be provided with a list of the teams and drivers registered fro the Championship so that the special pricing for the chosen size can be applied. It will also active the other benefits availbale from this exclusive tyre support programme that is only available to registered Championships drivers and teams.

The press release announcing Zestino as the controlled tyre brand can be found here