K-Sport is the leading brake choice for superior performance in virtually all car applications, for both road and competition. They are the first choice for aftermarket tuning and widely used by Drifting teams around the world as standard equipment.

K-Sport UK is brand’s largest distributor in the world and has worked hand-in-hand with the factory since the release of the very first prototypes. No other distributor has more experience of the company’s big brake kit range than K-Sport UK.

The K-Sport kits have proven themselves to hold their own in comparable ways to the biggest and most established brands on the market, not only in terms of outright performance but also when it comes to K-Sport’s incredible reliability and durability. The special twin piston seal design has shown to be more than a match for the worst that a British winter can throw at it, shrugging off salt and dirt without problem. Sticking pistons and failed leaking seals just don’t arise with these kits.