Club Time Attack is the official Motorsport UK affiliation of Time Attack Ltd. The organisation was responsible for the very first professional Drift events in the UK that took place at Silverstone and Rockingham in 2005.

It went on to organise the infamous D1 Grand Prix events at Silverstone, running competitions that hosted 16 Japanese D1 cars and teams. This paved the way for the formation of the D1GB Championship in 2006 which later became the European Drift Championship that ran until 2012.

After an absence of eight years, the organisation has returned to Drifting to establsih an official and Nationally recognised Championship that is authorised by Motorsport UK, the UK’s governing body for four-wheeled motorsports.

Simultaniously with the Drift competition in the mid-2000s, the UK Time Attack Championship was created which has since grown into the only Time Attack campaign like it in the world and has been held anually at the UK’s most prestigious motorsport venues.

In addition, the TIme Attack organistion owns and runs various car shows and events in the UK. These include the Tunerfest Modified Live Shows and Go Japan! shows, all of which are nationallay acclaimed events and each plays a major supporting role to our on-track activities.

Club Time Attack is also the organising club for the Touring Car Trophy, TCR UK, Volkswagen Racing Cup and Civic Cup national-level racing series’ in the UK.

From its offices in Sheerness, the organisation owns and operate national events with a team of dedicated, professional and ethusiastic individuals that are passionate about motorsports. This is particularly the case when it comes to Time Attack and Drift, which are unconventional motorsports and therefore niche, hailing from the aftermarket tuning world.

We are experts in our field, diverse and consumer led and with a mission to provide memory-making, thought provoking, entertaining, interesting and fan participitory events for the current and next generation of motorsports enthusiasts in the UK.